Size matters. Vicinity, the ultimate community bus, is available in 27.5 foot (8.5 metre), 30 foot (9 metre) and 35 foot (10.5 metre).

The independent front suspension by Wabco and 22.5” tires standard on every Vicinity bus provide superior ride and comfort for all onboard.
The Vicinity costs significantly less than a 40 foot transit bus and has superior fuel economy. Vicinity is a great transit solution, providing flexibility for changing service designs at a time of unpredictable evolution in urban mobility demands.
Galvanized steel monocoque structure, built to withstand 12 years in the demanding climate and road conditions of North American cities.
Customer-oriented low-floor design. The 27.5 foot (8.5 metre), 30 foot (9 metre) and 35 foot (10.5 metre) models are equipped with an easily-deployed front door ramp and two ADA compliant wheelchair positions.
Big bus technology in a compact, affordable platform with a worry-free two-year bumper to bumper warranty.
Easy to Maintain
The Vicinity incorporates standard components common to other bus types, such as a Cummins engine, ZF transmission, Braun ramp and Luminator destination sign, which make adding the Vicinity to transit fleets easy and convenient.
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