Thursday, April 6, 2017

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Grande West is delighted to report recent orders from BC Transit, Edmonton Transit, St. John’s Metrobus, Oakville, Burlington and Welland. All these orders have further strengthened the leadership position of the Vicinity model in the low floor mid-size transit bus market across Canada.

Earlier this year, BC Transit confirmed its fourth order, bringing the total number of Vicinity buses on order or in service across British Columbia to 112. Edmonton Transit placed its third order, for 33 vehicles, taking total Edmonton orders to 49 buses. Welland, Burlington and Oakville placed their first, second and third orders respectively. Finally, the St. John’s Transportation Commission approved its first purchase of Vicinity buses for the Newfoundland system, truly taking Grande West products from coast to coast. 

In addition to all this success in Canada, Grande West has announced that it has secured a manufacturing agreement to produce Vicinity buses in Atlanta, Georgia that meet the FTA Buy America requirements and that it received an order from the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA).

“Early 2017 is proving to represent by far the highest level of orders in the history of Grande West,” says Jean-Marc Landry, Vice President Business Development.  Transit systems across the country are endorsing the quality and value of the Vicinity product, which has quickly proven itself as a perfect solution to optimize fleet performance.  Having the appropriate bus size aligned with ridership levels and service design flexibility is one of the best solutions for Canadian transit systems.

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