William Trainer, President, Chief Executive Officer, Director

Mr. William Trainer is a key founder of Grande West Transportation and has served as President, CEO and Director since its inception in 2008.  Mr. Trainer has over 25 years experience importing and exporting heavy machinery, and has successfully pioneered and brought several new products to the Canadian market.  William has also owned and managed heavy construction equipment dealerships throughout Western Canada.

Joseph Miller, Director & Chairman

Joe Miller has been a director of the Corporation since December 4, 2012.  Mr. Miller has over 30 years experience in the construction field and manages a BC-based, construction company with projects across North America and the South Pacific.  Joe specializes in ground improvement, bringing new technologies to use around the world.  Mr. Miller brings a vast knowledge in negotiation skills and customer relationship building to the Corporation.  Joe is also a Director on several other boards and brings a broad base of experience in management and innovation skills.

Yves Devin, Director

Yves Devin has served as a director of Grande West since 2014.  Yves has over 30 years experience with several major corporations and has worked extensively in the transportation industry, most notably as the former CEO of the Montreal Transit System, the second largest transit organization in Canada.  He also serves as the Chairman of the Board for Telecon Group.

Andrew Imanse, Director

Andrew Imanse joined Grande West as a director in October, 2015.  Andrew Imanse is a retired President of the Thor Bus Group and was instrumental in developing the bus market for Thor Industries.  Mr. Imanse has been a prominent figure in the bus industry for over 20 years.  Prior to his role in the bus industry, Mr. Imanse worked in the recreational vehicle sector as a senior executive for several companies, including Vice President of Canadian Recreational Vehicles and Housing Division of the Bendix Corporation.

John LaGourgue, Director

John LaGourgue joined Grande West in June, 2016 and brings with him over 20 years of management, sales, financial and investment experience in public and private companies.  John has served in senior management and directors’ roles for public companies since 2009.  Mr. Lagourgue manages the Company's capital markets strategies and corporate communications.