Heavy Duty


The Vicinity is a heavy duty 12 year bus, designed from the ground up in Canada. Galvanized steel monocoque structure, 17.5" disc brakes, full size tires, bonded windows and fiberglass body panels are all components used to create this remarkable bus. Many of the components are the same as those used on standard 40 foot buses – as requested by transit systems – and are sourced from highly reputable North American and international suppliers.

Cost Effective

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Grande West responded to the needs, preferences and expectations of transit systems when designing the Vicinity. North American transit components, local support, low floor, smaller platform, lighter weight, fuel efficiency, maneuverability, accessibility, reliability and cost effectiveness would not be possible at its price point without a global manufacturing approach.

The Vicinity is truly a world bus, with components from North America, Europe and Asia. The Vicinity is really the best of all worlds, with a state-of-the-art design by the transit industry for the transit industry.


The Vicinity is built to meet the tough North American operating environment. Each of our three models, 27.5 foot (8.5 metre), 30 foot (9 metre) and 35 foot (10.5 metre), is backed with a two year, worry-free warranty. High quality control standards have led to a solid performance record. The Vicinity already has over 2 million km in revenue service across Canada.



Grande West's focus on designing not only a heavy duty, reliable bus, but one that also has minimal impact on the environment, has resulted in many notable features and details. The Vicinity offers an impressive fuel economy averaging 38L/100km in city conditions. Grande West has also partnered with the aerospace industry, integrating proven concepts into the Vicinity, greatly reducing noise pollution – making it one of the quietest transit buses on the road today.